Wahl Senior Professional 3D Stacked Silver Skull Design Hair Clipper, MODIFIED By Entering the ArtZone

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Wahl Senior 3D Stacked Silver Skull Design Clipper.

Imagine a 3D design lid that not only improves the looks of your clipper, grip and stability, but most importantly keeps your machine at least 30% cooler when in use.

The machines were running for about 15mins. and we all know how quickly they can heat up. Notice how the trimmer on the left without the 3D lid heats up much more quickly.

Our lids help to keep the trimmers and clippers cooler for a longer period of time, allowing you to work more comfortably. 

As Professional Barbers we all know how these machines can quickly heat up, especially after multiple haircuts. Over the years we've had numerous feedbacks of how these lids make cutting more comfortable and the raised 3D style enhancing your grip, stability and control.

Sturdy Lightweight Metal which helps to keep your machine cool to the touch while in use.

Also 3D designed to enhance stability and non slip surface when in use.




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