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#1 BEST SELLING Clipper Cutting Education DVD by Entering the ArtZone - Hiki10 Collection
#1 BEST SELLING Clipper Cutting Education DVD by Entering the ArtZone - Hiki10 Collection
Barbering School Academy Edition
Barbering School Academy Edition

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #1 BEST SELLING Fade Haircutting Education DVD by Entering the ArtZone + FREE Bonus 2hrs long step-by-step ACADEMY EDITION DVD

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THIS BEST SELLING TUTORIAL IS AVAILABLE TODAY AT HUGE DISCOUNTS FOR A LIMITED TIME and it's less than the price of the haircut you are struggling with!!!

The #1 Best Selling Barbering Education on the Market! Plus you get a FREE additional 2hrs ACADEMY SHOW EDITION DVD with purchase!



This Product Is Endorsed by: Beauty Schools, Licensed Cosmetologists and Barbers.

It's all well and good having the latest clippers, capes and all the stuff that makes you look cool. But what about your education?  Imagine looking over the shoulder and learn these magic techniques, yes I said it, MAGIC techniques from this expert instructor.

Almost immediately after you implement some of these techniques you will see dramatic results in your fade haircutting and THAT IS NO LIE!

Your best investment is in yourself, this DVD has proven itself over and over many times. If you can't learn from this best selling DVD with proven techniques to make you the very best you can be.

Then you should see about learning another trade.

Do a search online and you will see many testimonials from expert barbers stating that this Entering the ArtZone DVD have changed their lives. Even a 19 years experienced barber vets can attest to the techniques found on this DVD.

You've seen all the FREE STUFF now it's time to learn some REAL STUFF!



Entering The ArtZone DVD – Men’s Hair Styles And Street Trends DVD with FREE Contemporary Razor and Cutting Comb.

Learn advanced clipper cutting fade haircut techniques to work with all hair textures and types with precision and accuracy! Entering The Art Zone was created specifically for the Barber and Stylist to develop a mindset to become, extraordinary! 

If your intentions are to master clipper cutting, this DVD is a must have! [DVD/ 130mins]

Learn to perfect many of the latest men’s hairstyles and trends such as:

  • Temple Fades
  • Bald Fades
  • Half Fades
  • Blowouts
  • Clipper and Comb Technique
  • Outlining and Beard Shape-ups
  • Scissor Cuts
  • Razor Cuts
  • Texturizing


Keep in mind that this is a step-by-step DVD that includes different hairstyles and technique which in reality it would take more than 2 hours to do and the DVD is 2 hours. It has given me the techniques to help me perfect my fades and shorten the time to do it. I have purchased this DVD for all my staff and have seen the difference in their work. I do advice you to watch it a few more times and see exactly what the DVD is truly about.
I own a copy of tha dvd and I really like it. I learned a lot of new techniques after watching it more than once. In comparison to all the other dvd's I have seen, this one is the best. Just watch it as many times as takes for you to understand and learn the techniques. Remember it is a dvd, you can always watch it over and over.
Arrived yesterday in the mail a lot sooner than expected. This is definitely the best clipper video I have seen to date. A must have for any beginner wanting to improve their clipper handling skills. Keep up the great work :-)
This is a great site and the DVD...is the bomb and I'm here to learn and chat with others who believe that cutting hair is an art... show a brotha some love here.... thnks again!
Just wanted to say thank you for such a great video! For users of this forum who don't own the Entering The Art Zone DVD, get it now! We're using it as a training tool in my shop in Roswell Georgia. Thanks for such a great forum and for bringing some extra professionalism to the barbering community
I have been cutting hair for a while and im attending school for it and i have been looking for instructional videos, there are some out there (like the ones that come with clippers sets) but we can all agree they don't compare to this one. I almost thought this was some kind of scam when it came up in the search engine but i figured what the heck. Even after being in school for a while the instructors can perform these hairstyles but aren't great at explaining what they're doing. So i'll recommend it to them. I really like fading and can't stand to see hairstyles where the guide line is still there :evil: after viewing the dvd there is zero doubt that i will have this problem. The techniques used in the dvd really work, (i used them to get rid of my lines from a previous haircut) :d and they allow for a much quicker fade than im used to. Just by watching the way the t-liners are held when performing shape ups has increased my skills dramatically. All i want to do is cut hair. Thanks for this product it is the best out and a must have. 
I would personally like to thank all of you for putting such a user friendly DVD on the market for people starting out in the game, such as myself. This DVD gave me the confidence to not only cut my son's hair, but to give him a professional looking haircut. The step by step instructions and problem solving segment on this DVD is priceless, you hear me. I am without a doubt, going to pursue a career as a professional barber, thanks' in part by you guy's. I would recommend this product to anyone starting out in the game, this DVD is for real, DO NOT let this opportunity pass you by. I had my doubts at first but on the real, this DVD got me open. Big up to Entering The Artzone, you've made me a believer. One Luv!
The video is a must see! The video is the first I've seen to actually show the techniques every barber should know in order to master the fade. There are way too many master barbers that lack the knowledge and know how to give the perfect fade, and even the most experienced barber can learn from this video. Someday we will look back and say this video was groundbreaking. JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!
I just got my vol 2 DVD a few days ago and i was amazed. I've been cutting hair now for about 4 yrs ever since i joined the NAVY and i really don't have a chance to practice making designs on people because I cut a lot of people that's in the service and we are not allowed to wear cuts like that but i also have a lot of clients in the outside that can and i was really hoping someone somewhere would do something like this and i think its great that Entering the Artzone is doing what they do. I hope for a VOL 3 soon i cant get enough of this. If you are new i would really advice you to buy both DVDs its going to save you time and frustration on trying to figure stuff like this out.
At first look I thought the first one was better because it was the best instructional DVD I had ever seen, so I was expecting my experience with the new one to be the same, but you can't do that, the first is always going to be classic. Now that I've watched the new one more than once, I've realized where I was sleeping on the first one so I had to go back. On this one I've developed a better eye for detail due to the repetition of blending in the designs and the camera view is so good that you can see the hand work well. It has also helped my shape up skills improve because drawing lines is pretty much like edging, not only that he shows some techniques for getting that crisp line and does more edging in this one. The more I talk about the new one the more I respect it, but both of them are a must. When I thought this one was about done there was still over an hour left and he hadn't done the razor shaping!!!! YO!!! ITS FIRE!!!! OH!!! and don't let me forget..... The designs are off the chain!!! Yo, I hope I don't spoil it, but he does the whole dragon design from start to finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello! I bough entering the artZone dvd vol 1,and now im trying to get vol 2 and I just want to know if the owners of dvd vol 1 get discount on dvd vol 2 ? caus I got an email awile ago about this special. any info would be much appreciated!
Today is Christmas Dec 25, 2007 and I've been wanting this dvd for some time and my wife surprised me today with the DVD (Plus the Vol2 and the Cape). Thank you so much and big ups to my beautiful wife for giving me what I need!!!! If you don't have this DVD, then you're slippin..for real!
Hello from humble and quiet NYC,QUEENS. I am barber by trade went to school, and couple of barbershops. You guys won't believe how many times i googled different terms for spanish haircuts, fades, tapes up, blowouts. The only other web site i know of is buzzcuts, trimups they are from UK. They are good; now i can't wait to get my hands on DVD. Having lots of trouble learning to do latest cuts. Thnx G-d i found you guys. Your the best 8) I mean it!!!
Hi guys, im pretty good at cutting hair now because of the dvd and coz of my masters.
I've been cutting hair for a month now and I was never really impressed with my fades and lineups. I would always watch how the other barbers around me cut but still, never impressed. I finally got the DVD and on that day I stayed home and watched. By the end, I couldn't wait to get to the shop. I must say, my fades are a lot cleaner, my lineups are sharper, the overall haircut was done a lot faster. No more wasting time trying to fade out the guidelines. The clipper techniques really improved my skills. Now I have all the other barbers at the shop watching me.... Thanks entering
my dvd arrived 7 business days after i ordered it and i forgot to change my shipping address on paypal lol just sent an email and got a next business day response, yeah no problem i got it yesterday afternoon and im already satisfied my clipper game has elevated without question, did one fade on myself which looks like i wanted for once, instead of a high fade because i didnt understand the little things about clipping thanks enteringtheartzone, most barbers i know are selfish with their skills. by the way, the teacher in this video is so nice with the clippers someone should give him some golden andis bottom line is: order this dvd today. if u dont thats a sucka move lol
hey fellas just bought the dvd and its crack i bought the dvd and improved masters with speed o guides recently so that i could learn how to cut hair...reason for this is that my grandpops is old and sick and cant so go to the barber no more and 1 night he ask me if could cut his hair cuz it was long...so then i came online and googled found this site and bought everything you guys recommended in the posts plus thank god for this dvd... well now im motivated to learn! i watch the dvd over and over and gave my gpops his first skin fade with a 3 on top lol felt good but it wasnt that good of a cut i need more practice....and i am enjoying this so i hope i can make this my profession in the near future and if i can go to school someday...
If it wasn't 4 this video, years would've passed by b4 obtaining skills of a master barber. Jus after a couple wks all my clients noticed da difference & I even added a few more patrons 2 my list. Thanx, can't wait 4 vol 2 - seen da trailer & i luv d intense flava (cutz r mean) Continue 2 Hold it Down!!!!!!!!!
The Entering the Art Zone DVD has helped me alot as a novice barber, and my skills and techniques have greatly improved. Thanks Entering the Art Zone!
I bought the dvd a few months ago and it was the best investment ive ever made. The techniques in the dvd helped me speed up the time on my cuts. After watching the dvd i saw that my cuts were improving each time. Even the other barbers i work with said that i improved, so thanx to Entering The Art Zone for making this dvd can't wait for the next dvd to come out. Thanx


What's up! I have both dvds and this makes learn to cut look like a movie trailer! Go ahead and get it man, its worth it! I've had this for a year and its paid for itself tenfold!
Being a recreational barber, i was very rough and slow in my overall skills. (this not going to a beauty school). After watching the dvd, i can't wait to cut hair with better precision, control, and speed. The tips and small amends to holding clippers etc. Are great! Overall grade= a 
Sorry I'm making myself sound as if I never cut hair in my life. Let me clarify: I'm very familiar with old school styles when it comes to fades. The sloppy old school fades. I am interested in the latest trends and learning new school methods so that I may keep up with the times. I purchased the dvd and I must say, after using some of those techniques in the video the next day, I not only recouped the amount of money I purchased the video for, I had my biggest payday.
Yo if you don't have this DVD you missing out, it's a classic.. I'm going to watch it again
Yo Entering!!! Big props on the new DVD. Just when I thought it was over, more and more cuts were being performed! I watched it twice. It's amazing how this dvd has helped me improve my fading ability, design and overall cutting in just one day, and the idea of using clear gel for the razor shape up..... Genius!!!! Oh and how could I forget.... The complimentary cape is on point! Thanks!!!
I am excited to say that Entering The Art Zone has brought to us the techniques that is definitely need in today's barbering business. It has allow myself and my staff to open up to new styles and techniques and with that it has build our book of business with new clients and best of all self confidence!!
I recently purchased it and watched it about 8 times in total. Let me start off by saying thank you for creating this DVD and I have no regrets at all. I look at this dvd as my (Bible) or & investment, for my career if you get what I'm saying. Its sort of my book of knowledge because these tips and tricks I've learned and practiced so far, have been nothing but good to me. I realize everyday that the more hair I cut hair, how much better my cuts come out from using little things I didnt know about. I don't want to spill the whole thing out here in text, but just my 2 cents from an upcoming barber/hair stylist, this DVD will help you more than you think. Thanks and I'm liking this message board I will be posting on here more often to see what other skills people have, hopefully learn some more knowledge.

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