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Entering the ArtZone brings you a blockbuster barbering academy unlike anything you will find locally, free on youtube, or anywhere else online.

We offer advanced and detailed high definition training downloadable tutorials to keep you updated with the latest in mens hairstyles and trends

Our academy is the first to offer you a multicultural education second to none. No more mediocre how-to.

We offer only the highest quality of step-by-step tutorials.


Master blending straight hair textures, wavy and even mixed curly hair types. Learn techniques to perfect all types of African American haircuts and trends. These unmatched barbering tutorials will keep you excited with proven step by step techniques that make learning how to blend and fade hair extremely simple.


No need to keep buying costly DVDs in order to learn new barbering techniques. New high definition haircut tutorials will be added on a monthly basis, allowing you to stay current with the ever changing hairstyles and street trends. Entering the ArtZone is a pioneer in fade haircutting techniques since its inception and is always on the cutting edge of barbering trends. Men Hairstyles are like fashion trends, they're constantly changing. Our intentions are to keep you up to date with the newest in men's hair trends and how to approach each individual haircut.


It doesn't matter if you are new to clipper cutting, or a seasoned veteran. These techniques are proven to enhance your ability to better understand the how to fade hair process. You will learn step-by-step instructions on how to complete each haircut through our advanced yet simple approach. You will learn all types of haircuts, razor and scissor cutting, beard and mustache shaping. You will learn techniques to master the Afro, also scissor shaping techniques to fine tune and groom flawless brush cuts.

We offer you the ability to learn everything it takes to master your craft and with practice become the best in your shop, or maybe your entire community.

The reason we are able make these bold statements is because Entering The ArtZones clipper cutting education and techniques are endorsed and used since 2006 in barbering schools and by top educators around the country. Regularly we receive emails from students updating us on their progress. Some stating after implementing only a few of the techniques from our tutorials there clipper game is on a whole new level.

Entering the ArtZone Advanced Clipper Cutting Academy is not a substitute for attending barber school.

You need to enroll in a quality school in order to become State Certified and be able to legally work in a barbershop or hair salon. What we offer is the opportunity to learn techniques that would take you years to learn, and only if you are working next to some of best barbers in the industry. Our educational classes gives a very personal approach, it's like been mentored on a one on one basis by a professional that specializes in each individual hair texture and type.


Men's grooming, estimated to reach $26 Billion by 2020!

If you're looking for an industry that's thriving even during these tough economic times, look to the hair industry. It may be the closest thing to recession-proof.